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Poem 0f the Month

The Human Within

Steven Bates (copyright 2018)

No matter the shine or dents in the steel
No matter the wounds that batter the will
No matter the armor that covers the skin
We must always remember the Human within
The knight that comes saves us, or the knight that we are
Is never too distant, never too far
always in armor, always feels safe
Always protected (though the armor must chafe)
But what of the human that hides in the shell?
The fragile frail body not doing so well
They must wear the armor, to hide all their doubt
Confusion, and pain, fear within and without
When may they then shed this metal tin suit?
When will the need for the armor be moot?
When is the battle with evil complete,
And the armor is shed, to fall at their feet?
When will we all get all along in this world?
When will attacks, and rocks not be hurled?
It’s only not needed, it will be only when
We all can remember, the Human within

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